Alamo ConsultantsLLC is a boutique consulting firm that supports corporate business development, regulatory, compliance, environmental, and legal departments of energy companies, law firms (international and immigration law), and consulting firms with a Mexican clientele. The firm supports complex, small, large, and long-term projects in the Mexico Energy Reform sector, corporate matters, and general NAFTA international business including Panama and Peru. The firm also assists U.S. clients navigate through cultural and language barriers as well as coordinate security and travel logistics for executives needing escort, translation and other travel concierge services.  



      The firm’s clients include law firms and multi-national companies in the Midstream and Downstream supply chain. The firm is based in San Antonio with presence in Houston, Laredo, Monterrey and Mexico City. A partial list of the firm’s services include: 

  • Conduct on-site due diligence researching public records (registros publicos), conducting interviews, and verifying information (most frequently done for prospective joint ventures and other business partnerships);
  • Prepare import, export, commercialization, distribution and other Mexican agency permits;
  • Prepare agency permit applications and assist client procure documents; translate documents with all proper translation certifications and overall authentication of documents and signatures;
  • Travel with, or represent, client(s) in Mexican business or government agency transactions when appropriate or with in-house legal counsel. Assist clients with corporate meetings, conference calls, industry conferences, and other meetings in Mexico and Latin America including interpreting, handling all security and travel logistics (or coordinate with in-house travel dept) and, to the extent requested, participate and consult on business conversation.[1] 
  • Assist with on-site audit and compliance matters (verification that policies, guidelines, and/or contracted services are being adhered to); includes branding, marketing and other matters by gas stations and Mexican business partners;
  • Serve as a liaison and administrator for handling transactional projects and coordination of business matters as arise for each particular client and industry;
  • Translate, interpret, and/or provide summaries of Spanish legal and business documents from regulatory agencies, Diario Oficial de la Federación (Official Gazette of the Federation) and/or Notario Publicos (Mexican Notary Public), from the CRE (Regulatory Energy Commission), SAT (Tax Administration Ministry) and other government agencies (Spanish to English and English to Spanish);
  • Sit-in at forums, conferences (congresos), and symposiums for busy clients and provide a summary and all materials to assure entity has presence and assure it remains current on laws, regulations and other changing matters within the industry;
  • Translation services for Immigration cases, Texas Rules of Evidence 1009 certifications, and other Mexican authentication needs;
  • Orientations and follow-up with client partners and business associates regarding the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (presentations do not provide legal advice). Due diligence in this area as well.
  • Procure Apostilles for authentication of document for use in international U.S. and Mexican matters;
  • Compare company policies, regulations and guidelines and assure same are updated per Mexican laws;
  • Assist with commercial real estate leasing/purchasing in Texas and Mexico for companies doing business in both countries (Alamo Consultant has broker/real estate partners in both countries);
  • With respect to business development for smaller companies entering the Mexican market, we assist with introducing and opening business relationships within certain sectors in Mexico, including government officials contingent on the matter at hand (handle same for Mexican companies opening business in the U.S.);
  • Coordinate travel logistics to Mexico to include safe and secure local transportation, lodging and other travel and accompanying services;
  • Work with client and their legal counsel to accomplish ad hoc, special and burdensome legal projects;
  • Navigate through complex cultural and business barriers;
  • Contract Administration and negotiations;
  • Set up corporate entities in Mexico (i.e., S.A. de C.V., S. de R.L. and others); Set up LLCs and S & C Corps in U.S. for Latin American clients;
  • Also assist with non-Mexico legal and business projects in research, due diligence, and contract administration; and
  • Other services as requested. Contact Alamo Consultants for other services not listed. 

     The firm also provides marketing, government and external affairs services. Similar services are provided for Mexican companies doing business in Texas.  The firm does not generally invoice for travel expenses and the cost savings for clients is significant.[2] Mr. Vazquez can be available for extended projects in Mexico or Latin America and does not require a work permit given his dual citizenship. 

     Mario A. Vazquez is President of Alamo Consultants LLC. He was Vice President of International Affairs and Corporate Communications for Arguindegui Oil Companies focusing primarily on Mexican business development, legal matters and corporate communications; held corporate positions at Valero and NuStar Energy in their legal/environmental/compliance and contracts’ administration departments, respectively, and other executive experience includes President & CEO of KLRN-TV (PBS TV station in SAT) and Vice President at Texas A&M University-San Antonio.

     Mr. Vazquez spent several years at a law firm handling corporate translations and assisting with NAFTA-related legal business matters. He is fluent in Spanish including the business and energy sectors’ terminology. His biculturalism is a strategic and valuable asset in understanding Mexico’s values, morés, and business customs that are essential elements for successful business relationships in Mexico. He was reared in the border City of Laredo, Texas. Mr. Vazquez divides his time between Texas and Mexico.

     Mr. Vazquez has served on many boards including: The San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (Chairman’s Advisory Board), UT Health San Antonio Development Board, San Antonio River Foundation (Executive Committee), San Antonio Symphony, Ballet San Antonio (former Chairman), and Las Misiones (now a UNESCO Heritage Site) among others.  He led the local US-Mexico Foundation’s bi-national efforts in Chiapas, México in their charitable work under the supervision of the Hon. Henry G. Cisneros, former HUD Secretary.  Mr. Vazquez has been honored by invitations to the White House and honored to have met their Majesties King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia in Malaga, Spain on a business trade mission of selected business leaders.

     Mr. Vazquez holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Texas at San Antonio. He is fluent in Spanish and fully bicultural with citizenship in the U.S. (born in San Antonio) as well as Mexico citizenship. He is not an attorney but has over two decades of extensive legal experience. He is available for long-term projects in Mexico and Latin America and does not require special work permits or sponsorship in Mexico. Alamo Consultants has in-house legal counsel dual licensed in Mexico and Texas to consult when necessary.


[1] Legal support and projects are done under the direct supervision of corporate in-house attorney clients or with our in-house legal counsel dual-licensed in Texas and Mexico. We are not a law firm and non-attorneys do not provide legal advice.
[2] Alamo Consultants does not charge for most travel expenses (air, hotel, transportation, meals). Please inquire for details. Private and secure drivers on location are billed at reasonable rates.Type your paragraph here.